(MNEC) Mass Notification and Emergency Communications Systems

During a crisis, people need to know when to stay put, when to leave, and where to go. Whether it's a natural disaster, environmental accident, workplace violence, or terrorist threat, your response personnel must have a firm grasp of the situation in order to take appropriate action. Endex has the staff and experience to provide a system tailored to your needs. We provide cutting edge technology to respond and communicate instructions to occupants and off-site personnel in any situation.

  • Listed…Offering UL 2572 Mass Notification listed systems for a verifiable benchmark for performance and operation
  • Endex professional design service…combining over 20 years experience of life safety and communications system design, our staff is designing systems based on new codes and standards to meet your specific needs
  • Endex support and service…life safety level systems require life safety level support and Endex delivers every day with our factory trained and nationally certified technicians
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